Meal Of The Day


Beth Willmann

Important Stats
(if you tested them):
Deadlift Max: 155
Backsquat Max: 155
Got Muscle-ups:  Nope
1 mile run: haven't timed it

Name: Beth
Age: 29
Occupation: full time mom of 3 cute girls under 3 years old
Favorite WODWODs with several different movements in them
Favorite Lift: back squat

How long have you been CrossFitting? a little over a year not counting time off for my baby

Which class time do you usually attend? 8 am but am starting to attend in the evenings more

How did you find CrossFit? My brother and sister in law started going in Houston then a friend of mine found a CLCF boot camp for us to sign up for last August

What is your athletic background? I played many sports growing up. Have worked out off and on since high school. 

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? CrossFit is definitely the first workout I have been so dedicated to. I love coming to workout. I feel so great every time I finish a WOD. I always joke and say CrossFit is the reason I got pregnant again so fast. I got back into shape so much faster after my second pregnancy because I started CrossFit 6 weeks after I had my second girl. CrossFit is when I get some me time for an hour a few days a week. It makes me happy, therefore makes everyone else in my fam happy. 

 What motivates/inspires you? My faith in God which keeps me going and striving to be the best person I can be everyday. My loving, amazing husband who supports and encourages me everyday. My sweet girls who love on me all the time and motivate me to be the best example for them daily. My awesome family and friends who inspire me by their actions and support me in all I do. 

 What is your proudest (CF) achievement? Working out throughout my entire third pregnancy until I was advised to rest. 

 Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit. I have several. A couple at the top of my list an unassisted pull up someday and continue to tone up and drop my baby weight and then some even quicker this time around (which I am almost back to pre baby weight at 8 weeks). 

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? Hanging with my family and friends, making cakes, making crafty things for my girls and house, watching  movies and whenever i get the chance which isn't often sleeping :) 

What is your favorite cheat meal? Everything from Chuy's from the margaritas and green sauce to the tres leches 

Any advice for new members? Never give up. Keep pushing through each WOD. Don't compare yourself to others at the box. Just keep trying to improve you not trying to beat anyone else. I like this that I heard a lot while I was pregnant, "No excuses, just do it!" :) 

 Tell us about CrossFit and Pregnancy. How long did you stay in the gym, how did it impact delivery and recovery? I am so glad I continued CrossFit throughout my pregnancy. I felt better through this pregnancy and was able to work out until a week and a half before I had my baby. This was my first pregnancy I did not have high blood pressure at the end. I don't usually have high blood pressure but did at the end of my other pregnancies and had to be induced both times because of it. I had this baby within 6 hours from start to finish with no medication. I tried to get an epidural for the first time but it didn't work. Apparently my body likes a little challenge. I felt great right after delivery and healed quickly. I started working out at home within a couple weeks and was back at CLCF right after my follow up appointment at 5 weeks. 

Any tips for moms to be? Once again don't give up. Visit CrossFit moms website for great advice and alternative movements. Keep working out as long as your body will let you. Stop when something doesn't feel right, listen to your body and put your baby's health first. The longer you can work out the quicker you will recover. My first few workouts back I didn't believe this but now I do. I feel great and feel like I am getting back into shape much faster because I stuck with it. 

Have you met Pukie? Surprisingly, no. I have come very close a few times. 

We have always been impressed with Beth's willingness to work hard...often times while VERY pregnant she would out work those in class beside her. Nothing like a 8 month pregnant chick beside you working her tail off to make you rethink whining. Beth has actually been pregnant IN the gym more than not. She is a joy to coach, always striving for better, and never taking the easy road. We are proud of the example she sets for the 'no excuses' mentality.



Casey and Wyatt Johnson


Max Deadlift:

Wyatt: 250
Casey: 195

Backsquat Max:
Wyatt: 175
Casey: 85

Got Muscle-ups: no for both of us

1 mile run:
Wyatt: A little over 8 min.
Casey: "You want me to run what?!?"

Name: Wyatt & Casey Johnson
Age: Wyatt: 39 / Casey: 36

Favorite WOD:
Wyatt:  just about any amrap.
Casey: anyone I can finish
Wyatt: That's why I like amraps...I know I can finish them.

Favorite Lift:
Wyatt: push press
Casey: Hey! That's MY fav.

How long have you been CrossFitting?
Wyatt: 9 months
Casey: 7 months

Which class time do you usually attend?
Wyatt: mostly 7am, sometimes 4:15pm
Casey: 7:15 pm and the occasional Sat am

How did you find CrossFit?
Wyatt: google. I was getting fed up with Bally's, and wanted to find
something different. I was intrigued when I saw that CF endorsed
Paleo, and started reading Robb Wolf's book to see what it was all
about.  Before I was halfway in, I was sold, and called to take an
intro class.

Casey: Wyatt, he's convincing what can I say? And it's fun to be able
to compare WOD's and progress even if we go at different times.

What is your athletic background?

Wyatt: I was fairly inactive through high school.  In college, I
started playing tennis off and on. When I lived in LA, I joined a 2.5
league through work. That year, we actually advanced all the way to
the national championship level (having played exactly one match, due
to other teams not showing up & forfeiting, and the general lack of
2.5 level teams in the SoCal area).

Casey: I was a sprint sport athlete in high school and before and just
lost it to a desk job.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?
Wyatt: wow, where do I start?  I'm in the best shape of my life, I'm
wearing the same size clothing (maybe even smaller) than I did in high
school. I no longer have sleep apnea.

Casey: I have found I can do anything for X mins (it makes everything
seem possible!).

What motivates/inspires you?
Wyatt: My faith in Jesus, the results I've seen so far, and the
compliments and/or disbelief at what I've done. I ran into an
acquaintance at Rudy's the other day who was shocked that I was able
to eat there while "on a diet".  And watching the nurse & doctor's
shock at my recent visit was also fun.

Casey: My faith and my husband.  I saw a quote early on in this
journey and I keep repeating to myself "You can't be something you've
never been without doing something you've never done." That gets me
through the wall and rope climbs.

What is your proudest (CF) achievement?
Wyatt: Getting my first ever unassisted pullup.
Casey: Finishing "Paul" on 9/11

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through

Wyatt: I'd like to burn the rest of my belly fat and see some abs.

Casey: The 7:15 gals swear I'll make a bikini for next summer and I
believe I can at least make a great swimsuit (Thanks gals!). It helps
that I don't want to let them down.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?
Wyatt: cooking & reading.  And when the odd opportunity presents
itself, I love hiking, kayaking, and downhill snow skiing.

Casey: arts & crafts, dogs, reading, and keeping up with Wyatt (with
the hiking, kayaking etc.)

What is your favorite cheat meal?
Wyatt:  With the link between my autoimmune thyroiditis and celiac
disease, I'm 100% strict on no wheat.  My cheat is making any dessert
recipe from the civilized caveman cooking creations or primal palate
websites (especially their choc chip cookies).

Casey: a really nice glass of wine

Any advice for new members?
Wyatt: dont be intimidated by everyone else's level of fitness...this
only shows that CF & Paleo really work.  If you think you've stalled
in your progress, keep as detailed of a log as you can drag yourself
to do.  My OCD weighing myself every morning showed me that (a) daily
diet cokes really hurt my weight loss, and (b) just how much Paleo
snack food I can really handle.

Casey: Don't just come the box to do a "class", become a part of the
box, cheer someone on, let them cheer you on. I know it's scary at
first, but when you are doing the one exercise that is hard and you
just don't have that last round in you, they will get you through, hey
they will probably get you beyond where you though you could
go...That's some class!

Have you met Pukie?

Wyatt: No.
Casey: come close, really close!

We are so proud of what these two have done here at CLCF, their transformation has
inspired so many! As our first Spotlight couple, we are honored to have them in our box. They prove that with dedication and hard work, regardless of prior athletic achievements, anything is possible with the right attitude. Wyatt has melted before our eyes, and Casey is confidently rocking shorts now. Their  CAN DO, TEACH ME attitude in the gym makes them a joy to work with, and we are just seeing them get started!



Laura Revels

Important Stats (if you tested them):
Deadlift Max: 205
Back-squat Max: 145
Got Muscle-ups:  in my dreams I do
1 mile run: under 9 minutes….8:40 something I believe
 Name: Laura M. Revels (Les has always called me Superman’s Wife)
Age: 41
Occupation: Commercial Loan Processor ( I have 12 years of single family residential under my belt though)

Favorite WOD: anything with push press / push jerk / sit-ups / jump rope ( I can nail the singles and someday soon I will get consecutive du’s)

Favorite Lift: dead lift for now, but now that I have figured out how to keep my knees out, my back squat and front squat are getting better and better…..who knew) All your coaches knew:)

How long have you been
CrossFitting? 1 year 3 months

Which class time do you usually attend?
6:15 pm

How did you find CrossFit? My amazing husband, Mr. Iron Man himself

What is your athletic background?  I was always active as a kid.  I could play any sport really.  I got number one athlete at church camp one year.  I played soft ball, volley ball and soccer.  I was an avid Chicago Bulls/Michael Jordan fan so I played basketball thru out my school years.  I took a weight lifting class one year cause the football coach was teaching class.  (he was hot! but Kurt is my forever hottie) My last feat in high school was to run track, 300 hurdles and long distance) In Kodiak, AK I worked out at the gym before, during and after my pregnancy.  I lifted weights but not free weights and ran on the treadmill.  New Jersey bought one and ran on a treadmill……boring.  Not until the last couple years in Michigan did I really start running outside and then running races. But running can get real boring and then when we moved here, to Texas, well, let me just say I have never experienced that much sweat running in those places before.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? My question is where the hell was CrossFit when I was in my 20’s and 30’s.  If I had CrossFitted while playing basketball, I could have persevered and obtained a scholarship to play in college….I will just have to persevere a little later in life.  But CrossFit has provided Kurt and I, a “commonplace” and something we enjoy together. It provides us with a great atmosphere and people that want the same things in life that we do.  Good health and fitness.  Being a part of it makes me want to drive myself to the next level.

What motivates/inspires you? God, my husband and my daughter.

What is your proudest (CF) achievement? I think the first time I “RX’d” and, when I ran the entire ½ marathon and finished.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit. You know I actually have several “minor goals, but kind of like not getting on the scale, I am not going to list them because then it becomes overwhelming-- but my future long term goal is the Masters.  Competing and making it past regionals.  I have a few years to get the rest of my ducks in a row and then watch out.
Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? CF is one of my hobbies.  I love the sun and being warm.  I love horses.  I love to sit around with good friends and laugh til I cry.  I would travel more, if time and money would allow.  And I will retire in Costa Rica with the love of my life and open “Pura Vida” (Costa Rican for Pure Life) CrossFit.

What is your favorite cheat meal?  Pizza all day long…….

 Any advice for new members?  DON’T QUIT and NEVER GIVE UP!!! If you quit you are cheating yourself out of the best opportunity ever put in your path.  You miss out on the opportunity to be a part of the biggest family ever.  You miss out on friends who are there to support you, pick you up, share your pain and push you to the next level.  You cheat yourself of becoming the best person you were put on this Earth to be. ALSO, DON’T GET ON THE FREAKIN SCALE!!! (this is the best advice that Jen ever gave to me)

Have you met Pukie? I can’t stand to puke after a night out of downing too many jello shots, so why the hell would I like to puke during/after a WOD???? Nooooooo!

Laura will never live down her first experiences at CLCF. She use to stand at the doorway waiting on Kurt to finish dying a slow death in a WOD and rarely stepped foot in the door....almost like she was scared we would shave her head and make her join the cult. We are awfully glad she joined the family, it was way less entertaining without her. As we have watched Laura MELT (she fails to mention how many LBS she has lost) we watched her gain a new sense of what she is capable of. There is nothing more fun than watching a woman learn she is powerful and beautiful all at once. Laura has gained our hearts and our respect as an athlete who is willing to try anything, and never tries to stop excelling. We love you and will come camp out on the beach at Pura Visa CF one day, so make room!


David Hayes

Deadlift Max: 315#
Backsquat Max: 255
Got Muscle-ups: Nope (gymnastic movements are my weakness)
1 mile run: Haven't tested a 1 mile run by itself

Name: David
Age: 31
Occupation: Police Sergeant
Favorite WOD: Anything with kettle bells. Those kill me every time.
Favorite Lift: Deadlift, by a long shot. It is just a very primal movement. I always feel /strong/ after doing some really heavy deadlifts.

How long have you been CrossFitting? Since January.

Which class time do you usually attend? It varies depending on my schedule. I have been going to the 4:15 pm class lately.

How did you find CrossFit? My sister (Angela) started going and she sucked me in. I saw the amazing results she was getting and I wanted in.

What is your athletic background? Almost none. Nothing that I have stuck with for more than 10 minutes.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness? There are worlds of difference in my fitness levels. Not only have I lost close to 40 pounds at this point, but I just feel better on a day to day basis. The most important difference that I have noticed is the mental one though. Working physically hard on a regular basis seems to drastically improve my mood.

What motivates/inspires you? I love the mental games. I love watching my brain and figuring out the things that I need to think or tell myself to get myself to go a little further or lift a little bit heavier. I love my brain's reaction to the WOD's.

What is your proudest (CF) achievement? A couple of months ago when I did the first unassisted pull up of my entire life. I had never been able to do one before. Now I am knocking them out like they are nothing. You tell that muscle-up to watch out, I'm coming for him next.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit: I'd like to get a Body Weight snatch. I think that is going to take a combination of lowering my body weight and gaining strength.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit? I am a Zen Buddhist with a regular meditation practice. I run with the Houston Hash House Harriers on occasion. I love reading, specifically post-modern philosophy, social theory, and deconstructionist.  I’m also a vegan and love cooking. 

What is your favorite cheat meal? All my meals are cheat meals. I am a little bit of a foodie. I love to eat.

Any advice for new members? It's all in your head. You can do so much more than you think you can. The biggest development that is going to happen in Crossfit happens between your ears, not in the rest of your body. You will be amazed how much more strength you can find in you when you dig deep down inside. Keep showing up, never cheat yourself out of repetitions of an exercise, don't be afraid to grunt or cry or bleed or puke or pass out, but just keep going!

Have you met Pukie? Hell yea, we are good friends.

So when we hooked David we quickly realized that he and his lovely sister, Angie have much in common. Dude, this family has some major genetics working for it! Tall, strong and an indomidable will to work. That is what struck us first and THE very most about David...he flat knows how to give a WOD his all. There are NO excuses here. We have watched him melt before our eyes and become a stronger, healthier person. We are more than proud of all he has accomplished and especially for someone with no athletic background. Don't tell me CF is not for everyone! He just had 'IT" that makes him right for CF. Proud of you! Can't wait to see what you do next! P.S. now that the cat's outta the bag about your day job, I can see a few members asking to borrow handcuffs for the wekend ;)


Kevin Sunn

Deadlift Max:  445
Backsquat Max:
Got Muscle-ups:
1 mile run jog: 

Name:  Kevin Sunn
Age:  39
Occupation:  Estate planning, probate and business attorney
Favorite WOD:
  Grace (30 reps Clean & Jerk)
Favorite Lift:
  Squat clean thrusters

How long have you been CrossFitting?  1 year and 3 months
Which class time do you usually attend? 
5:15 p.m.
How did you find CrossFit?
  Keith Stringer (fellow Clear Lake Crossfitter).  I got tired of sitting at the bar listening to him say how hard his “WODS” were (whatever the hell those were).  I was working out a little on the side so I thought I’d humor and do a workout.  I figured I’d finish ahead of him and of course rub it in from there on out.  The first WOD not only kicked my ass but may be the toughest wod I’ve done since joining.  Jen came up with a brilliant idea to do 400 meter lunges while carrying 25 or 45 lbs overhead (I don’t think Ben has let her game plan a WOD since).  I made it 300 meters without weight and couldn’t wait to come back the next week, which is how long it took me to get feeling back in my legs.

What is your athletic background?  I played organized sports (football, baseball and basketball) from the age of five through my senior year of high school.  Since high school, I’ve followed the trend of working out every other month.  Once my clothes started to get tight, I’d hit the gym for another month.  It was much cheaper to pay a monthly gym membership than buy a new wardrobe.

How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle, level of fitness?  I no longer look at working out as work.  Crossfit is the one thing that I have consistently stuck to when it comes to my health and fitness.  If I miss a week, it is planned in advance to let my body heal and I am right back in the box the following Monday.  I am still my hardest critic when it comes to my level of fitness and I still want rock hard abs (DAMN YOU BEER!!!  Why are you so delicious!), but I have seen my body transform over the past year or so and it is certainly an ego boost when others notice as well.  Crossfit has not only changed my life but has become a way of life for me.  I now attack my work and daily routine of life with as much passion and tenacity as I do a WOD …. 3, 2, 1 GO!

What motivates/inspires you?  The honey badger, it’s pretty bad ass.  It has been referred to as the most fearless animal in all of the animal kingdom…it really doesn’t give a shit.  See

What is your proudest (CF) achievement?  My 7:45 mile time.  I know it’s slow by most standards but if you have seen me in action, you’d know this is kind of a big deal.

Name one goal/personal achievement that you would like to achieve through CrossFit. Complete Amanda (9-7-5 muscle ups, squat snatch) in less than 12 minutes.

Hobbies/Interests outside of CrossFit?  UT football, golf, Texas Hold’em, “sprint” tris, reading, hanging out with family and friends.

What is your favorite cheat meal?  Assuming beer doesn’t count as a meal (which I beg to differ), then chips and salsa.

Any advice for new members?  For brand new members, my advice would be to commit to at least one month, no matter what.  Don’t get caught up on what others are lifting (we all had a first day, first week and first month).  Learn technique before you even think about loading the bar down.  It’s for your safety and will pay huge dividends in the long run. 

Have you met Pukie?  Just once.

We are pretty sure before Kevin our theory that you can't squat from your toes was valid. Then Mr. Calf Muscles's like he had little superheroes in his calves working overtime to do amazing feats. Seriously, he is a calf-elte (ha, athlete) that has gained SUCH success in all aspects of fitness. Always up for whatever we throw at him, we know he will give it hell, and have fun while doing it. It's that attitude that makes him more than a client, he is a friend to us at CLCF. So glad we finally challenged you enough to stick around!